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Whater by @FatPresenter

Scott McGready

Sitting across from me this evening is a slim, thoroughly mild-mannered young man dressed casually in jeans, a t-shirt and trainers. At first, Scott appears unassuming. But this ordinary Scotsman leads an extraordinary life.


Working as an independent technical consultant, Scott McGready is an expert in identifying the mechanisms behind a multitude of scams. Based in Glasgow but working internationally via his many computers, his line of business involves devising solutions to counter fraud. 


Having worked with Police Scotland and organisations including DCPCU, Trading Standards, and Neighbourhood Watch Scotland; Scott now actively shares his knowledge with others, and plays a vital role in raising awareness surrounding online data. 


He is also a Scambassador for the Friends Against Scams campaign, has assisted with the Take Five campaign, UK CSCV protect lead, and made numerous expert media appearances from Secrets of the Scammers, Stopping Scotland’s Scammers and The Radio Hustle. 


On this podcast we discuss his story; with fraud prevention considerably less profitable than fraud itself, how did this ordinary Glaswegian fall in love with the depths of the dark web? Has he ever been hacked? And what does our digital future look like? In this hour long interview, we touch on it all. 


PHOTO CREDIT: Scott McGready

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What is Whater ?

At Whater, we believe that everyone has a story. That's why we have created an ever growing platform showcasing remarkable lives around the world. Interviewing a vibrant mix of people from different backgrounds and cultures; we'll delve into gripping pasts and exciting futures. They'll be heartwarming, heartbreaking, but always inspiring - and many laughs will be had along the way. You're invited to explore these stories with us, every Monday, right here at Whater. 

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