The Truth: I must not present opinion or interpretation as fact. Facts will always be published as they are, and conjecture will be clearly labeled. If there is an inaccuracy or error in my publication, I will correct it immediately and announce that I have done so.

Opinion: Freedom of Speech and Expression are basic elements of a democracy and as a journalist it is my obligation to protect these rights. I must display a balanced and varied representation of societal discourse. 


Allegiance to Independence: To maintain trustworthiness and avoid suspicion of bias, I will declare any partiality to the subject I am presenting; financial, personal, political or otherwise. 

Sources: Transparency is the future of Journalism, therefore, unless doing so may put the source in danger, I am obliged to always disclose sources. It is vital that sources are credible, thus independent verification will always be pursued. If none can be found, it must be stated clearly.

Credit: All content which I have not personally created, must be appropriately attributed. This can also take the form of a hyperlink. 

Intended Meaning: Whilst I must never edit or change a statement; it is my commitment to the reader to communicate the intended meaning of a quote, when appropriate, in addition to the quote. There will be a particular focus on this clause in relation to statements from those unable to properly articulate in English. It is not in my interest to publish a quote that may cause negative coverage, if I believe it was not my sources intended meaning. 

Response: I will always provide an opportunity for my subject to voice an opinion, before publishing.

Public Interest: It is not justifiable to publish about an individual - unless the story affects the public or has potential to catalyse positive societal change. 


Ordinary People. 

Extraordinary     Stories. 


by @fatpresenter