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Whater by @FatPresenter

Aaron Cameron on Whater

What is Whater ?

At Whater, we believe that everyone has a story. That's why we have created an ever growing platform showcasing remarkable lives around the world. Interviewing a vibrant mix of people from different backgrounds and cultures; we'll delve into gripping pasts and exciting futures. They'll be heartwarming, heartbreaking, but always inspiring - and many laughs will be had along the way. You're invited to explore these stories with us, every Monday, right here at Whater. 


Aaron struggled with his weight at school. The obvious conclusion that most minds catapult to is a heavy one - he must have been over-weight and invariably bullied for being larger than the other kids; the last to be chosen for sporting activities, but first to drop out. He will have eaten too much junk food whilst remaining physically inactive. The stereotype often encouraged by Hollywood.


But he was none of those things; eating healthily, playing sports, and playing them well. Aaron was however, for his age, comparatively petite; shorter and considerably slimmer than his peers. He struggled to find clothes that would fit him. Whilst many would not consider being naturally slim a negative, for those who are, it can often lead to the same mental and emotional symptoms that those on the opposite end of the scale experience. 


Fast forward to today - Aaron, at 23, is a big and muscly personal trainer working at a renowned gym. Choosing to turn his life around, upset by comments about his size, he has gone through a significantly gruelling body transformation that has left him unrecognisable to those who knew him. Now he is working to help change the lives of others through his refreshingly self-deprecating  brand, ‘Wee Aaron the PT’ - an element of humour often missing in the testosterone-filled personal training scene. 


In this podcast we discuss the often silent or misunderstood challenges associated with being naturally underweight, whilst delving behind-the-scenes of todays global fitness industry - with now an estimated 180,000 fitness clubs around the world, raking in $84 billion from their 145 million members. This growth is supplemented by a rise in different ‘diets’ and ‘weight-loss products’. Many professionals, including Aaron, still consider a significant proportion of these different products to be misleading the public. 


How did this young man become one of Glasgow’s busiest fitness professionals, and what is he doing to help those with similar experiences to his? This is Aaron’s story on Whater. Click here for the full podcast.


Comment relating to Whater's Code of Ethics 
I have known Aaron for a number of years, having previously been one of his clients. His story inspired me very much and seemed perfect for this platform. We no longer work together. IMAGES: Aaron Cameron

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